The draw for the Peter Lambert Charity Doubles bowls competition at Sabden on May 17 and 18 is as follows (Scratch time 15 minutes. No practice): 9.30am – A Nelson and S Wakefield v A Whitehead and C Cornall; A Breckell and B Fletcher v B Garnett and partner; D Butler and D Parkinson v N Bell and L Clarkson; L Whitehead and partner v G Stephenson and partner.

10.15am – J Cooper and partner v B Gaskill and partner; M & D Ashworth v G Stewart and partner; D Walker and A Harrison v T Connell and D Parsons; P Brett and P Sutcliffe v A and M Whalley.

1pm – B Wright and B Ashworth v G and S Wood; M Griffiths and D Cunliffe v J Allen and F Laycock; B Taylor and D Holt v B Pritchard and partner; D and W Holmes v S Gall and M Beardmore.

1.45pm – J Robinson and D Sullivan v S Anderton and M Opie; A and A Hodgson v C Hope and T Singleton; V O’Donnell and partner v T Holness and G Hartley; P Wellman and G Evans v E Wallace and partner.