TOWER Shukokai members Philip Wan and Imogen Skipper were part of a 13 strong Amateur Martial Association (AMA) that took part in the first tournament of the Welsh League season.

The squad, led by regional coach Martyn Skipper - who is also head coach at Tower - were invited by Karate Wales to the event which was held at the Welsh Institute of Sport, Cardiff.

Wan, although 36 and officially a veteran, competed as a senior as the threshold for veterans was set at 40 years in the league series.

In the Kata (forms) event he successfully won through the first round but, due to a wobble in his otherwise strong performance, was eliminated in the second round.

He is becoming known as an all-rounder and fought in the senior Kumite (sparring) category too but again was eliminated in the early rounds.

However it proved to be third time lucky for Kan as he was selected to fight in an England Select team and took third place in the male team Kumite.

Imogen, 16, who specialises in Kumite was again competing at senior level in both the individual and team events.

It proved a big challenge but also another learning curve for Blacksnape teenager who was in a field that included national, European and World champions.

In the individual Kumite she met Welsh star, 26-year-old Amy Davis from Porthcawl in the first round. Amy is proving a real talent but Imogen held her to a 3-3draw after full time. In the event of a draw fighters have another minute of combat, called Encho Sen, in which the first to score is declared winner.

After a minute of Encho Sen there was still nothing to split the women so the bout was decided by judges’ decision, which was split 3-2 in favour of the local girl.

Imogen then fought in the three woman senior team alongside AMA team-mates Danielle Dunn and Donna Morrison. The women took bronze in the team event, being eliminated in the Quarter Finals by Karate England team including world champion Maddison Moore.

Dunn, who trains with Imogen at Bury USKA club and is a regular guest a Tower Shukokai in Edgworth, went on to fight and beat Moore in the final.