THEY have already rowed about communism, and Michael Bisping has taunted Tim Kennedy once more ahead of tonight’s UFC bout in Quebec – saying his bride-to-be possesses more menace than the American.

Bisping makes his return from eye surgery when he faces Kennedy in Canada tonight, in a fight shown live on BT Sport.

The Clitheroe middleweight has engaged in a war of words with his opponent ahead of the contest, saying recently that Kennedy ‘sounds like a Communist’ because the 34-year-old had said all UFC fighters should be paid the same amount.

Kennedy gave short shrift to the jibe, suggesting that Bisping had gone down a ‘rabbit hole of ridiculousness’.

But the exchanges have continued right up to fight night, which comes a month before Bisping gets married in Orange County, California.

“I think the marriage is a bigger fight than Tim Kennedy,” Bisping said dismissively.

“All he has is a left hook, my partner has a lot more weapons than that.

“He’s made it really personal, he’s attacked me and I can’t wait to fight him. It’s going to be very satisfactory to punch him in the face.”

Bisping had to pull out of his last fight against Mark Munoz in Manchester after requiring surgery on a detached retina.

“The eye’s fine, I can see, it isn’t going to give him any better prospect of beating me,” the 35-year-old said.

“It’s just another night in the office, I’ve been in UFC for a long time.

“I was supposed to fight Mark Munoz in October and had to pull out so I’m still fresh.

“I’ve done martial arts since I was eight years old, so it’s like riding a bike. I’m going to get back in there and do what I do best.

“Tim Kennedy is going to get it – in the face.”