Every day we test your sporting knowledge with our just for fun 10 to tackle...

1 Who won the International Rugby Board player of the year award for 2013?

2 Name the only Omani to play in the Barclays Premier League.

3 Who was the last European golfer to win the US Masters?

4 Fenway Park is home to which major league baseball team?

5 Which country won men’s volleyball gold at the London 2012 Olympics?

6 Which club did Gordon Greer join after leaving Blackburn Rovers?

7 Burnley were denied by Greek goalkeeper Dimi Konstantopoulous on Saturday, but how many games did fellow countryman Nik Michopoulos play for the Clarets?

8 He played for Blackburn Rovers, Burnley and the Republic of Ireland, and his nephew played for Accrington Stanley. Can you name that player?

9 In what year did James Anderson make his first-class debut for Lancashire?

10 In what country was Clitheroe’s UFC star Michael Bisping born?

Answers tomorrow

Yesterday’s answers: 1 Miguel Indurain; 2 Vasco da Gama; 3 West Indies; 4 Czech Republic; 5 Snowboarding; 6 Huddersfield and Leicester; 7 Japan; 8 Doncaster; 9 Gary Sudworth; 10 Steven Thompson