A COUNTYWIDE scheme to encourage parents and coaches to keep quiet and let kids play football made national headlines at the weekend.

The Sky Sports cameras rolled in Blackburn as the Lancashire FA held its Silent Weekend initiative.

Junior leagues across the county – including the East Lancashire Football Alliance and the Accrington and District Junior Boys League – backed the scheme which was hailed a huge success.

“It could not have gone any better,” said LFA chief executive David Burgess. “The coaches, players, parents and supporters fully backed it and we had a wonderful weekend.

“The whole aim of the initiative is to try and keep quiet on the touchline, not shout at the players and just let them play football.

“The coverage we have had both locally and nationally has been superb.

“The Sky Sport cameras were in Blackburn to cover the event and it would be great to see other areas of the country take it up.”

The aim of the Silent Weekend was for coaches and parents to relax, reduce their noise levels at games, and let the kids play and enjoy the game.

“We were very keen to get the vast majority of our clubs to sign up to the idea,” said ELFA secretary Craig Wilkinson.

“To help clubs get the main point across to coaches and parents we had bibs printed and leaflets handed out at all our games.

“The Silent Weekend caused quite a stir not only in the county but across the country with many other leagues and county associations believing it to be a great idea.

ELFA Vice Chairman Peter Thornton was interviewed live on Sky Sport and commented on how well coaches and parents had bought into the idea.

“We have a very good environment at the Soccer Dome every week,” said Peter “Some of our coaches found it a little different this week, but we ensure there is no loud noise levels as a matter of course.

“All we want is for kids to enjoy there football without adults shouting and kicking every ball for them.”

The LFA is currently collating feedback from the Silent Weekend and a questionnaire is available to fill in on its website.