Test your sporting knowledge with our daily fun quiz...

1 Rovers defender Nuno Henrique has completed a free transfer move to Polish club Jagiellonia Bialystok. But where did Rovers sign him from?

2 Other than football what sport took place at Turf Moor in Burnley in 1840?

3 Turf Moor saw its first international women's match on September 4, 2003 when England achieved a 1–0 victory over which country?

4 Ewood Park was officially opened in April 1882 and during the 1880s staged football, athletics and which other sport?

5 Heat lamps confiscated by police in raids on cannabis farms will be used to help the grass on the pitch grow at which cricket ground?

6 Who is to become the new president of Yorkshire County Cricket Club?

7 Who has been named as the North West Counties League First Division manager of the month for February?

8 Which Nelson FC defender is set to make his 100th appearance for the club when they play Widnes Vikings today?

9 Who has been reappointed as first team captain of Lancashire League side Colne?

10 Who is Colne's professional this year?

Answers Monday

Yesterday’s andwers: 1. The Riverside Ground (Durham); 2. Essex (Navestock and Ilford); 3. Bolton Wanderers; 4. Lillie Bridge Grounds (close to the site of the present day Stamford Bridge); 5. The Boat Race; 6. Cycling; 7. Longridge Town; 8. Barrow Wanderers; 9 The Ivy; 10. Whitehall A