I THINK it would be a good idea for Blackburn Rovers to send one of their goalkeepers on loan, and they would have a whole team on loan if it did happen.

Neither Simon Eastwood nor Jake Kean are playing at the moment and goalkeepers need to get games.

If you’re just rotating who plays in the under 21s, they don’t get competitive matches.

Jake has definitely got ability as a goalkeeper but sometimes young keepers can make mistakes. We’ve seen that with Joe Hart.

It must be hard for him because he was first choice and playing well, then things don’t go so well and he’s number two. Then the main goalkeeper comes back and he’s number three.

But he will get better with experience, we see goalkeepers playing well into their 30s and even into their 40s in Brad Friedel’s case.

A loan would be good for his experience. Rovers already have a lot of players out on loan and I probably can’t remember a time when they have been so many.

But when you’re in the Premier League you have a big squad and now they aren’t in the top flight they’ve had to trim the wage bill. That means sending players on loan, it’s just down to circumstances.

They have got a full team on loan but what level that team could play at, I’m not sure.

Are those players good enough to play regularly for Rovers? Obviously the club think no.

When I was playing for Rovers you saw young players go out on loan and it’s how they respond mentally.

Some players don’t cope, they’re used to the luxuries of life at Blackburn and when they go out on loan they don’t have those luxuries and they can crumble.

They don’t come back as the same footballer.

But Alan Judge got a couple of goals for Brentford at the weekend and it seems like he has done well there.

Whether he’s playing for a move or to come back to Blackburn we’ll have to see, I think he might end up making a move.

I think it’s a good thing that Leon Best has gone on loan to Sheffield Wednesday. It seems like he has burnt his bridges at Rovers so it’s right for him to go somewhere else and get games.

Hopefully he does well at Sheffield Wednesday and then other clubs are looking at him, because Rovers will be keen to get his salary off the wage bill.

It’s a big game for Rovers at Reading on Saturday, and it will be a difficult match after their impressive win at QPR at the weekend.

It’s important they start the game well.