Each day we set you 10 teasers just for fun...

1. From which club did Manchester City sign Pablo Zabaleta in 2008?

2. For which side does Dan Cole play his club rugby?

3. Who broke the men’s pole vault world record at the weekend?

4. Name the female driver who has signed for Sauber.

5. On which hole did the famous Eisenhower Tree, confirmed as a winter storm casualty, stand at Augusta Golf Club?

6. Danny Brittle is a sportsman for which local club?

7. And what crucial position does he play for his side?

8. Who was the goalkeeper for the now defunct Colne Dynamoes when they won the FA Vase by beating Yorkshire outfit Emley 1-0 at Wembley in 1988?

9. And who was the captain of Colne Dynamoes on that memorable day beneath the Twin Towers when they claimed the trophy after the win over the Yorkshiremen?

10. Batsman Callum Clarke is the current first team captain of which Houldsworth Solicitors Ribblesdale League cricket team?

* Answers tomorrow

Yesterday’s ten to tackle answers 1. Wolfsburg. 2. Villarreal. 3. Yorkshire. 4. Sauber. 5. Exeter Chiefs; 6 The Preston Plumber; 7 Kendal Town; 8 All-rounder Andrew Sutcliffe; 9 Chris Arnone; 10. Snooker