OUR coach Jared Owen sat us down after Sunday’s win over the Spartans and said if we win all the games we’ve got left we will win two trophies.

And you know what? It is as simple as that.

We have to keep playing our game, keep doing what we’ve been doing, and I’m confident that we will bring home two trophies.

By two trophies I mean the play-offs and the cup.

Solway Sharks are in quite a comfortable position in first place in the league and it really does look like it is theirs to lose.

Saying that, you can never say never. We can’t dictate what they do, we can only focus on what we do.

And what we’ve been doing is winning hockey matches.

Sunday’s win over the Spartans moved us up to second and set us up nicely for this Sunday’s home game against Whitley Warriors.

They are fifth so if we can beat them it would put a bit of a gap between us. We’ve beaten them once already this season and they’ve beaten us once also in a dramatic finish up at their place.

But there’s no reason why we can’t beat them again, especially in front our own supporters.

All we keep saying is that we have to take it one game at a time.

It’s working well for us and it was good to get another win, this time over the Spartans.

We played pretty well. We went for a seven or eight-minute period when we were giving penalties away to some harsh calls.

We conceded a couple of goals during that time and the momentum shifted a little bit.

But when it was five-on-five we were always the better team.

Sheffield are a well-drilled side, they’ve got a good set-up and they’ve got some good calibre players who are always going to give you a tough game.

But thankfully we did the business and got the win.

I’ve read a few things after the Spartans match and apparently it was one of the best games people have seen.

That’s fantastic as we want people to keep coming back to the Arena to watch us.

We’ve had some new faces down there who have said it is the best sport they’ve watched.

Obviously we’re doing something right – now we just have to keep it up.