FINALLY, things seemed to have clicked again for us.

We’ve had a few frustrating defeats in the last couple of months, but we had a really good training session last Thursday and that seems to have given us a spark.

The intensity of training was a bit better than it has been in recent weeks. We did a few skating drills without the puck, and it was good to get the legs working hard.

It got us going and ready for the weekend and we managed to take it into the game against Billingham Stars, so hopefully that’s something we can carry forward for the rest of the season.

It was good to get back to winning ways and we played really well.

We probably had a little bit of a lapse after going 2-0 in front and we let them get back into it in the second period.

But we still managed to keep their chances down to a minimum and didn’t get troubled by anything major.

They scored one power play goal and got a bit of luck with the other one in-off our keeper.

We had enough chances to make it more comfortable, but that’s been a bit of a problem of ours all season. But we were comfortable enough in the end, winning 4-2.

It sets us up nicely for a two-game weekend, with both against Sutton Sting.

I prefer the double headers because when you’ve only got one game, especially if it’s on a Sunday, you’re kind of waiting around because all you want to do is get out there and play.

If you play on a Saturday you’re still buzzing for a Sunday game.

I’m sure that’s not how everyone feels but that’s how it is for me and probably most of the other Hawks lads too, especially now that the squad’s looking more or less back to full strength.

Everything is coming together nicely at the right time.

The run-in to Christmas is the most difficult of the season because you’re going into the second half of the campaign and this is when the table starts to take shape.

This is when you need to start playing harder hockey.

In the last few weeks we’ve had a few players missing for one reason or another, and there have been other little issues holding us back, but we’ve brushed them aside now and kicked on.