FOOTBALL fans tend to live in the past. We all get misty-eyed for classic matches, former players and past successes.

Rovers fans can certainly be forgiven for this trait, as the future right now does not seem anywhere near as bright as our relatively recent past.

The 1990s brought Premier League success and a new owner, Rovers fan Jack Walker, who ploughed millions into the club to turn its fortunes around.

Even after his death we were able to enjoy relative success in the 2000s, winning the League Cup and punching above our weight in the top flight for a decade.

However, supporters from other clubs will always try to put down your side’s past, and in our case we are so often accused of buying success.

One national newspaper carried a heartening piece last week explaining to the masses how Rovers did not ‘buy’ the title in 1995.

It made for pleasing reading that someone had a long enough memory for them to be able to see sense.

It is true that without the millions pumped in by Uncle Jack, we would probably not have achieved promotion, let alone win the league.

But to claim we bought the title at a time when other clubs were spending millions, often more than us, seems unfair.

Especially when you look at those who really have bought success – Chelsea and Manchester City.

The spending of Jack Walker pales in comparison to those at Stamford Bridge and The Etihad.

The lynchpins of our title success were people like Colin Hendry, Tim Sherwood, Stuart Ripley, Henning Berg, Tony Gale and Mark Atkins.

The transfer fees (if any) paid for each of those was nominal.

Fair enough, we brought in Chris Sutton for £5million, but in the same season Sir Alex Ferguson paid £7million for Andy Cole.

The reason Rovers won the league was that we built an excellent squad with one of the best managers there has ever been.

Meanwhile, I guess I can’t completely ignore the fact we had a game on Saturday.

The draw at Blackpool was a good result in what sounded like a pulsating game.

Unfortunately I couldn’t see the action as I took the better half to London for a birthday treat.

However, having only taken a point, we are now seven points behind the play-offs and in desperate need of putting a run of wins together if we are to stand any chance of breaking into the top six.