MANAGER Sean Dyche insists there is no pecking order when it comes to getting current Clarets signed on new deals.

Of the nine senior players whose contracts were set to expire in the summer, only Ross Wallace has so far agreed an extension.

Talks have begun with long-serving midfielder Chris McCann and striker Martin Paterson.

And while Dyche is looking to get more of his existing crop signed up, he says there is no order of preference.

“We work with each player and each representative accordingly,” said the Burnley boss ahead of tonight’s visit of Middlesbrough.

“There’s no pecking order, because that might be something people ask about.

“It’s just doing things as we get feedback from the agent and the player appropriate to what we can do. That’s all in the mix as well.”

Asked if the feedback to the early negotiations has been positive, Dyche said: “It hasn’t been like that. Things are positive about what we’re doing.

“Most footballers want to play football, they want to improve and they want to do well.

“That’s the main thing as a footballer, but your contract has to be appropriate. It’s just the way it is.”

McCann has been linked with a summer move to Everton, but Dyche said there had been no contact from the Premier League club.

“You’re going to get that out of every player we’ve got, but particularly ones whose contract situations are different to the ones who are under contract,” he said.

“It’s just part of the nature of it. Everyone wants to make a story.

“It’s good in a way that the players are attracting that kind of interest but we want them to remain here and do well for Burnley Football Club, that’s the be all and end all at this moment.”