SIR Bill Taylor has repeated his request to open dialogue with the Rao family ahead of their scheduled visit to Ewood Park on Saturday.

Taylor, the ex-Blackburn with Darwen council leader, formed Blackburn United in the summer – an umbrella group for leaders of trusts, groups, forums, fanzines and websites for Rovers supporters.

He met Rovers’ global advisor Shebby Singh in October to express his concerns about a number of issues at the club.

Taylor then sent Singh a letter for the attention of the Raos, calling for greater dialogue between Venky’s and the community. Among his other requests, he urged Rovers’ owners to issue five per cent of the club’s shares to the supporters as a gesture to the town.

Anuradha Desai and brothers Venkatesh and Balaji Rao are currently due in town for Saturday’s game against Charlton.

“For the last two years I have been writing to the Raos,” he said. “I met Shebby in October, he came to my house. He said he would discuss the letter with them and he has told me since that he has discussed it with them and they are considering it.

“I contacted Shebby by email earlier this week, but as of yet he has not replied.

“I have contacted the club to say I am happy to meet with them.

“If they want to talk that’s fine, if they’re not interested then that’s fine.

“I just think they don’t completely get the culture of the club and the area.

“I don’t think Shebby did until I spoke to him.”