BLACKBURN Rovers' Action Group have threatened to step up their campaign against owners Venky's - if Michael Appleton is appointed as manager.

The group, who have been at the centre of the protests against the owners and former boss Steve Kean, have released a statement voicing their concerns about the 'boardroom politics'.

The statement read: “As Blackburn Rovers largest supporters group, The BRFC Action Group have made many concessions in recent months and over the summer communication with the club was opened up as the rebuilding of the previous 18 months of Venkys destruction began.

"However despite the best efforts of the group, the club does not appear to be listening to supporters or learning from its past mistakes.

"The club continues to have supporters voting with their feet as attendances hit a record 20 year low, whilst the board of directors appear incapable of making key decisions in the best interest of Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

"Yet again boardroom politics and personality clashes are making the clubs search for a new manager a complete farce and once again despite previous, costly mistakes, the Board of Directors chosen candidate is far from what the supporters deem as the man needed.

"Shall this appointment be made the BRFC Action Group will end all communication with the clubs board of directors and step up its campaign for Venkateshwara Hatcheries to sell the club as we seek responsible owners for Blackburn Rovers”