MY festive football was wiped out this year by a bout of illness that confined me indoors for the majority of the time.

I must admit that as an armchair fan I have missed out on some of the pain my fellow Stanley fans have had to endure.

It was not all doom and gloom. The victory over Paul Cook was a cracking lift to the spirits but unfortunately the euphoria was only short lived and it was back to earth with a bump this week.

The overall impression I get from my Stanley mates is that, now we are out of the cup, league survival is the main aim and the confidence in Leam and his team is still high.

He will have to hone his wheeling and dealing skills in the loan and transfer market this month, and fingers crossed we can keep a settled side.

There can be no doubt that the long list of injuries and suspensions has had a huge impact on Leam’s plans and we have not had a chance to witness a settled side.

If we can bring in a couple of new faces and possibly firm up some of the loan deals currently in place, then we should be secure for another season in the Football League.