WELL the circus continues and ringmaster Shebby Singh is making us football’s biggest laughing stock.

Henning Berg should probably never have got the job. I am glad he has gone before his name has been dragged through the mud.

He can hold his head high.

The sackings of Eric Black, Iain Brunskill and Bobby Mimms, though not altogether unexpected, were done disgracefully.

And I still don’t fully understand how Mimms can shoulder any blame. He’s only a goalkeeper coach.

For them to find out via the media just shows how far this club has fallen. Merry Christmas and all that.

In my last column two weeks ago I called for Shebby to go. I reiterate that call.

His 606 interview gave him a national platform on which to look ridiculous, and he duly obliged.

The most frightening prospect to come out of an incredible fortnight was that of a Bollywood actor joining the coaching staff. Then again, I had heard Judan Ali had always dreamed of acting in a true British farce.

Before we took on Berg, I sent in an application for the vacant managerial position at Blackburn Rovers as a joke to see what would happen.

Aside from once taking Rushden and Diamonds from the Conference to the Championship on an old version of PC game Championship Manager, I have no football management experience.

But surely I should expect a phone call soon?

At least the nation’s press appears to have finally woken up to the real plight of Rovers. Unfortunately those journalists who seemed to need a lot of persuading that things weren’t altogether tickety boo have already succeeded in tarnishing the reputation of our core fanbase.

Now the pressure is on for Venky’s and Shebby Singh.

Get the next appointment right or suffer the consequences.

Mrs Desai, don’t leave the decision in his hands. Please.