HENNING Berg believes he can handle the growing pressure after insisting he is still relishing the challenge of being Blackburn Rovers boss.

The Norwegian has been dogged by speculation surrounding the club ever since taking charge almost two months ago but is adamant he will not let it get in the way of doing his job.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Championship visit of Brighton, some reports have claimed Berg’s job is already under threat after a run of just one win from his first nine games in charge.

That follows a rumour started on Twitter that he had offered his resignation on Monday and subsequent reports claiming he had stormed out of the Christmas party – something he was later forced to deny.

Berg said: “I’m not on Twitter. You know these days everyone can go on Twitter, everyone can say whatever they like and don’t have to stand up for it.

“For people to start speculating and to accept there might be something in it, I don’t think is right.

“It is part of modern society, which we could really do without.

“I know Twitter is good for many things but for these things it is too easy.

“It is too easy for people to say things without having to stand up for it. There is pressure, we have to accept that. At the end of the day this is a results business.

“I am the manager, I am responsible for these results and I can handle it.”

Berg is the first to accept the pressure is mounting after a poor run of results leaves Rovers in 15th position in the Championship.

But he insists he can handle it as he continues attempting to find a way to guide the team back into play-off contention.

He said: “I have been in football long enough to know what and how football works.

“At the same time I am looking forward to these games, I am looking forward to doing my job.

“My job as a manager is important when we are winning games, at the same time it is important when we are losing games how we handle it, how we focus, how we prepare, how we go into these games, how we play these games.

“So my job in terms of what we are doing is no different but of course there will always be pressure.

“There will be pressure if you are top of the league and there will be pressure if you are bottom of the league.

“If you don’t have any pressure then something would be wrong.”

Berg has hit out at continued speculation surrounding the future of his backroom staff though, claiming reports of their imminent departures are helpful to no-one.

“I am most definitely still enjoying the job, the only thing I am not too happy about is all this speculation to come out regarding my own coaches,” he said.

“I don’t like to see good people, good coaches, experienced coaches who are doing a good job getting speculation about this in the papers.

“It is not a nice thing for them to experience, it is not a good thing for them to handle and it is not a good thing for us as a club as well.

“Because at the moment we need everyone to pull in the same direction, to make sure we can take this club forward.

“These things don’t make it easy.”