THERE won’t be many Blackburn Rovers fans who won’t remember where they were two years ago today, when, like a bolt from the blue, Venky’s announced Sam Allardyce had been sacked as manager.

There were some at the time who were not totally opposed to the idea due to their desire for ‘more entertaining football’ but, looking back, few can argue it was the moment that gave us the biggest sign of what was in store under the new regime.

Illogical decisions, no shows, lack of communication and just pure and utter chaos have been the order of the day ever since ‘Big Sam’ was booted, with Rovers safe in the Premier League, to be replaced by the now infamous Steve Kean.

What a two years it has been and not in a good way.

In fact, if you asked me to pick one high point from the post Allardyce era I would be struggling.

Sacking Big Sam was not actually the problem. After all, would Sam have travelled to India every month?

Would he have been prepared to work with Shebby Singh?

Would he have accepted the likes of Bruno Ribeiro and Myles Anderson foisted upon him?

The answer to all three is a clear no.

Kean has since gone, Venky’s have spent a bit of money and the likable Henning Berg is now at the helm.

The problem is Venky’s are still paying the cost for their past – and rightly so.

The poultry giants have made such an almighty pigs ear of running a football club that the damage done has been so very painful for the people that really matter – the fans. Is it irreparable?

Only time will tell, but the longer this two-year slump continues the more you struggle to see Venky’s ever turning this around.

It is incredible to think that a little more than two years ago, Rovers were regarded as one of the best run clubs in the country.

Now, you would not be ex-aggerating to put them at the worst.

Sam Allardyce, John Will-iams and Tim Finn are not the only ones to have been treated shoddily by Rovers over the past two years. You can add the likes of Ryan Nelsen, Michel Salgado and Jason Roberts, plus others, to that list. Also countless staff members behind the scenes – who won’t get such handsome pay offs – will wish they had never heard of Venky’s.

We all desperately hope Berg can raise Rovers from the ashes but to do that he needs Venky’s to allow him to be his own man, make his own decisions and buy his own players.

Any continued external involvement and influence and we may as well all give up now.