SHEBBY Singh has told fans that Blackburn Rovers are in a better position financially than most of their Championship rivals after rubbishing fears that failure to get promoted would be catastrophic.

Rovers’ accounts for the year ending June 2012 recorded an operating loss of £9.6million, before playing trading saw them post a profit of £4.3m, sparking concerns for the future.

Since then the club have lost significant revenue due to rele-gation, understood to be circa £25m including parachute payments, while they have splashed £8m for Jordan Rhodes and are believed to have one of the highest wage bills in the division.

But, speaking at a fans question and answer session hosted by BBC Lancashire last night, Singh insisted the club is in no danger.

He said: “My bosses are here for the long haul, there were reasons why they bought the club and it is a long term investment.

“What is rumoured and what is speculated is not always what it is.

“It depends on who you talk to.

“I am sat inside the club and I cantell you we are managing finances really well.

“If we do not get promoted we will still be able to sustain the team. We might lose one or two players but that is no different from any club.

“Financial health wise we are way better off than most clubs in the Championship.”

Singh also insisted Rovers have had plenty of interest from businesses wanting to be the club’s shirt sponsor this season but, with no-one yet in place, he labelled some of the offers as insulting.

“The reason we have not got a sponsor still is we will not allow people to insult us with what they are offering us,” he said.

“People think they can get us for peanuts but there is a price. It is not about the money, it is about what the club and the town is worth.

“I would rather keep the pride of the club and the town than sell for peanuts.”

Singh was quick to evade questions about the future of Henning Berg’s coaching staff as, while saying all would still be in their positions for Saturday, he declined to comment on their long-term futures.

It is understood changes will made imminently, with assistant manager Eric Black, goalkeeping coach Bobby Mimms and first team coach Iain Brunskill all believed to be in the firing line.

Global advisor Singh confirmed talks were held on Monday following Friday’s 4-1 defeat at home to Cardiff, but was quick to insist he has no influence in team selection.

He said: “We had a sit down, a brain storming – more storming than brains at times. That kind of performance is not tolerated and will not be in the future.

“There have been indications from Henning’s games to suggest he has got what is needed to move the team forward.

“We need to be consistent over 90 minutes and this can be challenging for the new man coming in.

“He is having to build a team here and it has been as difficult as expected but there is enough promise and I know this from my experience in football, that we are not far away.”

Singh also told supporters it was natural that January would see “comings and goings” but admitted no transfer targets had been discussed with Berg as yet.