What do you know of the Blackburn v Burnley rivalry?

Jordan Rhodes: “It’s all going to be relatively new to me so I am looking forward to the occasion.

“I knew of the rivalry but didn’t quite know the intensity of the rivalry. For the last few weeks it’s been on countdown and it’s been on everyone’s lips.

“I’m looking forward to the game - not just as a player but as a Blackburn fan.”

Charlie Austin: “Not a lot to be honest, only from what people have said.

“When Blackburn got relegated it all came to light but only the last couple of weeks have people been really talking about the 34 years of hurt and it being that long since Burnley last scored at home in the derby.

“It’s time to put a stop to that run of games without a win.”

Is this the biggest game of the season?

JR: “I just think the next game is always the biggest one and it just happens that the next one is a local derby.”

CA: “I’d say so, but due to being a derby. Every game’s a big game.

“But this is the one that everyone looks out for.”

Is this game one the players look forward to?

JR: “Absolutely, it’s fantastic. It’s what the fans look forward to. More importantly than anything else we’ve got to treat it as a game of football and not get carried away with the situation and play with our heads rather than play with our hearts.”

CA: “It’s what people talk about and the fans talk about but the lads know the job we’ve got to do.

“We’ve got to put in a performance worthy of winning three points.”

What derby experience have you had?

JR: “I played for Huddersfield against Leeds and against Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United which are big games. Likewise against Bolton the other night, hopefully we can put on a little bit of a better display than we did then and at the same time try and get the result we didn’t get.

CA: “Nothing massive really - only Swindon and Bristol Rovers – but that’s not a proper derby like Swindon v Oxford.

“This is a first for me and I’m really looking forward to it and hopefully as a team we can put on a display for the fans and one worthy of winning the three points.”

What have you made to Charlie Austin’s start to the season?

JR: “He’s had a terrific start to the season but that doesn’t surprise me.

“It’s no coincidence this season. We played against each other when he was at Swindon. He had a terrific goal record there. He’s always been a good goalscorer and a good finisher. He’s got a really good record wherever he’s been.

“Last year he might have had a couple of injuries here and there but his goals to games ratio was right up there last year.

“I’m sure he will be a threat and one that we’re going to have to keep an eye out for and try and keep quiet. If he plays games he is going to score goals – but hopefully not against us.”

What have you made to Jordan Rhodes’ start to the season?

CA: “Jordan is a goalscorer, a great player and a wonderful lad. He’s an international striker who’s scoring goals for Scotland now as well.

“He’s at a big club like Blackburn and it’s going to take time to settle in but he'll find his feet and his goalscoring record is second to now.”

Can you catch Charlie Austin in the goalscoring charts?

JR: “I don’t know. I’ll be happy if the team is winning whoever is scoring. It’s a matter of getting three points and getting the wins.

“I’ll be more than happy if it is an own goal and it is a 1-0 win no matter who gets it. I think anyone associated with Blackburn Rovers would take that.

Do you look at international recognition as a reward for scoring goals?

JR: “Yes, I don’t think you can look at it any other way. You have just got to give your best for your club side and if the international recognition does come then that’s fantastic but you have to earn it through your club side first and foremost.”

When you look at Jordan becoming an international, do you see that as the next step for you?

CA: “I don’t really look at Jordan like that to be honest. Jordan does what he does and I’m my own man.

“I don’t look at him and think 'I can do this and I can do that' because that’s not me.

“I keep my head down and just worry about myself. I don’t think about things outside of what I’m doing.

“I just work hard every day in training and in games and stuff and if it happens in the future then great.”

Should Charlie Austin be in the England team?

JR: “I’m not sure, I’m not one to pick the England team.”

Will you go to bed tonight dreaming of scoring the winner?

JR:“It’s not about who scores the goal, who gets the plaudits and who is the hero. It’s just a matter of getting the three points, getting the win and getting the bragging rights over our local rivals.

“More importantly we need to get three points closer to the play-off positions which we have slipped away from in the last couple of weeks so it’s important we get a positive result at Turf Moor.”

CA: “It would be nice just to get one in.

“It would be nice to score the winner regardless of whether it’s a first or second, whatever, as long as I get on the scoresheet.

“If it’s a 90th minute own goal and we win I think all the fans will take that.”