SEAN Dyche insists all of his players will get a fair crack of the whip before he contemplates dipping into the loan market.

The Burnley boss has only five days left in which to make temporary signings before the option for emergency loan deals closes.

But Dyche says he will assess all of the options at his disposal, and not make additions just for the sake of it.

And he believes that is making for a competitive environment in-house.

“It’s a hard one because when I came in I needed to see the group work. It’s important if I’m setting a culture it’s clear to everyone what we require within the group and it’s important they’re allowed to be flexible to change and be part of that,” said the Burnley boss, who is looking to continue his 100 per cent home run against Charlton Athletic this afternoon.

“Alongside that we want challenge and we want competition and we want to improve. So of course if the appropriate situation arises for us then we will look at that seriously. But at the moment the lads are challenging for their shirts, they’ve performed, they’re working hard on the training ground, so I’m not over-thinking going elsewhere before I’ve looked at being connected with these people.

“Again it sets the bigger picture culture, we believe in what’s here, we believe in working with them and developing them, but not in a way where you’re not still looking to challenge them with incoming players.

“It is something we’re thinking of but we’re not desperately active at the moment. We monitor things and we’re currently monitoring situations and availability of players.”

Dyche admits equally careful thought will be given to any possibility of allowing fringe players to go out on loan to get games.

“I believe in the loan system – I’ve used it before,” he said. “It’s not always the technical and tactical side of the game the young players go into – whatever club it might be – and I will make it clear to them when they go out on loan that’s not pushing players out, it’s done for a reason, we’ll monitor it, we’ll be speaking to the staff and likewise when we have loan players in we report back on them.

“We’ve had great success by doing that in the past.

“We’ll be looking at avenues to go down. It has to be the right level and the right type of challenge. Different players need different challenges. The reality is the main thing that we look for is going and doing it at a given club.

“If you look across the board, down around the London area Tottenham put a heavy amount of players out on loan last year. We believed in it at Watford because of financial reasons we were fast-tracking, here I don’t think we have to fast-track as much, but still develop youngsters in the appropriate manner. I’ve walked into a club where there’s already a belief in loaning players out. We have players at Droylsden and Barrow, but as manager it’s important they understand it’s not about easing them out somewhere off-site, it’s about them gaining experience, and I think that’s invaluable.”