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FULL TIME: Blackburn Rovers (1) v Birmingham City (1)

Last updated:

    FULL TIME: Blackburn Rovers 1 Birmingham City 1
  • Rochina opens scoring from penalty spot
  • King equalises for Birmingham
  • Berg's Ewood Park return
  • Rovers unchanged from Huddersfield draw
  • Gomes, Lowe and Nunes return to substitutes bench


handyamBRFC 2:59pm Sat 10 Nov 12
I feel comfortable with the team They played well last time.. and We expect a win today.....hopefully nothing less will feel okay.... Come on....lets get that win...
Score: 0
Captain Dreckley 3:06pm Sat 10 Nov 12
Come on you blues, Rovers and Ipswich
Score: 0
BRFC0808 3:06pm Sat 10 Nov 12
My prediction Rovers 3-1
Score: 0
dale88brfc 3:07pm Sat 10 Nov 12
nothing happening yet i thought both of these teams would come out firing straight away or at least trying.
Score: 0
stefjam 3:21pm Sat 10 Nov 12
Rovers have been all over Brum, but the lack of a left back has proved costly yet again
Score: 0
sean_brfc 3:22pm Sat 10 Nov 12
What a surprise, Dann **** up.
Score: 0
stefjam 3:37pm Sat 10 Nov 12
Rochina looks class
Score: 0
smellthecoffee 4:40pm Sat 10 Nov 12
To those people saying the "stayaways" are just glory hunters....that is just bitter rubbish from the people in control of the club. People aren't stupid...they know the club is being bled dry and do not want to be there to support those in charge of it - and benefiting from it!! . ROVERS = RANGERS, ROVERS = PORTSMOUTH, ROVERS = LEEDS, QPR = ROVERS. . The sooner the powers that be in football are investigated (and prosecutions brought) the better. But what chance when FIFA is corrupt, our Government is corrupt and the legal system is corrupt!! It's the supporters who blindly pay their money week in and week out that suffer!!
Score: 0
smellthecoffee 4:59pm Sat 10 Nov 12
...and so much for them coming on here, bigging their man Berg up and looking forward to a 20,000 crowd. . That's 3 points out of a possible 33 for Berg as a manager. No doubt the "consortium" (and their numerous bogus accounts) will be back on here shortly to urge more time for their man (OUR SAVIOUR - HENNING BERG!!) while collecting their share of Jack's legacy....
Score: 0
Bangkok Rover 5:00pm Sat 10 Nov 12
Actually got to see most of the game. Wow, what an improvement. I actually enjoyed it and was entertained. Really unlucky not to win. Henning doing a good job I think.
Score: 0
modan 8:59pm Sun 11 Nov 12
So Rover's stayaway 10,000 fans wants respect from Venkys? It was Walkers flogged off your club to this Indian family for £48 million.Now you lot want respect from us Indians and Venkys.Chicken tikka masala and Bollywood dancers for the dingles of Blackburn .Go and check your history before Jack Walker era a club that was never in top flight languising in old second and third division, with attendance poor 14,000 and under and the old Ewood Park was a total cow sheds.Blackburn Rovers FC was in far worst shape than Burnley ,Preston, and Bolton.Ask Leeds fans today no investors as yet a bankrupt club nobody wants to buy.BRFC was lucky to have Venky who are Billionaires and just invested in £8 million on Rhodes highest ever paid for a player in the Championship to this date.Venky can do what they like with BRFC it's their club now .Fans are fans you can go and support the club .There is no complaint from the current BRFC players nor from the Management so why are you 10,000 moaning about the club heading in wrong direction.There is a reccession in the world ,we should be grateful that Venkys are helping BRFC in terms of investments and thank Venky for appointing a new Manager Henning Berg .I want to support Henning Berg,VEnkys and the current BRFC players , i don't want to stay away like a little child moaning about toys i didn't get.The destiny of BRFC is in Venkys hand if they want to spend their vast fortune .
Score: 0
Chris P Bacon 9:39pm Sun 11 Nov 12
How come the fans of Anzhi Makhachkala took THREE TIMES as many fans to Anfield when they are almost 2,000 miles away than the face-combing soap-dodgers from Ewok when Blackburnistan is about thirty miles away? Face facts; those of you who'd defend them might WANT a decent support, but you haven't got one. It's dismal and tragic and your fleeting days of glory are behind you now so you'd better get used to it. Maybe one season in the Premiership over the next decade will be a giddying height for you now.
Score: 0

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