I can remember, can I, having to wait a full day to see bits of overseas cricket games.

I'm talking back in the days of black & white. Little snippets flown in from far afield.

The only live footie was the FA Cup Final.

Curtains drawn, pots of tea, some butties...

But now, whenever a ball is bowled, kicked, hit...& wherever...it all takes placed witnessed not by a single camera but multiple cameras, from every conceiveable angle to prove or otherwise, this point or that point...colour, slow motion, HD, 3D, enhanced detail, computer generated enhanced what might have been...you name it...pre event interviews, post event.

Interviews with the sportsmen, the officials, their parents, neighbours, pet?

The same with TV "News", is it really news?

If Channel x doesn't cover it, then not always.

Can we have too much, can we have too many replays, too much analysis, too much human "interest"?

I enjoyed Birdsong recently & Prisoners Wives & Inside Men.

But aren't there too many channels, too much retro TV, iPlayers, what have you?

People still call it videoing it, but we probably don't even have one & if we do (we do) never even use it?

What was wrong with the telly not starting till afternoon or evening?

Is there too much of stuff?

Is it too late to worry about it?

Do you impose any limitations at home?