Sequence of actions regularly followed (noun) (7).

I might have told you before but I love Saturday mornings.

8 - 10am is for 83 year old Brian Matthew's Sounds of the Sixties on Radio 2, we are "avids"!

With the Times' Jumbo non cryptic (that apostrophe right?), porridge (occaisionally a bacon butty "treat") and a proper coffee (often de-caff, these days!).

We love it!

Woke up a bit earlier one Saturday and caught the end of Zoe Ball's stint...good grief...some listener had contacted Mrs Cook (only 41!) to say they always do their ironing listening to her show!

Well, I know there is such a "device" as BBC iPlayer, but, of course 6 - 8 am on a Saturday is just the wrong time to be ironing! Isn't it!

Ironing time is 10 - 11:15 am on Sunday. Isn't it! Well! Isn't it!

Or should I say it is here, in our house.

That's when the Lady of this house disappears into the kitchen and "tunes" her iPod ready DAB into Radio 4 for the omnibus edition of The Archers...AND Hey Press-to!

75 minutes later, washing basket empty or not, the ironing's done for another week.

How do you put your bank notes away? Properly?

That is: bigger notes at the back and forwards through the smaller denominations (how I miss the green "Oncer"!) to the front, Queen's face up.

Told a pal of mine this and his response was "of course, too right, what I was taught at work as a lad".

He went on to explain that as a young wages clerk he had to "face the fivers" that is, as I he must be right, eh?

Now, what about biros? What's that little tab on the top called that clamps the pen inside your pocket?

I was once explaining that I always, always put that little tab over the brand name of the pen. "That's rubbish" said my friend?

"It must be opposite the little hole lower down the pen" (Wonder what that's for?) Told you he was odd!

What about my old teaching pal Dave? Always ate his pudding first?

My friend Malcolm whose Granny, apparently, always rubbed bacon rashers on his face before she cooked them for him! (Family of Notts miners?) Sports people and their oddnesses...isn't there someone who has to be last out on the pitch, another who doesn't put their shirt on till on the pitch?

All quite rational and normal, eh?

So do you ever have your car music on Volume 13?

Of course not! What kind of idiot would? Mind you they are called idiocyncracies!

Or superstitions?

Or just routines? Got any, know any?