All tinsel & mistletoe gone, presents opened, vouchers spent, sales visited.

So that was Christmas.

2012 now well under way. Leap Year, HRH the Queen's Diamond, Euro football finals, the Olympics...some reasons to be cheerful?

Have you got any big birthdays (I have), family events, big red letter days in this year's calender?

There is a lot of gloom & doom around in which it would be easy to wallow.

It's not easy for our young people right now, not easy right across Europe. Education's costing more, less job opportunities, getting on the housing ladder still not at all easy.

But our local 'paper is full of new New Year babies being born, people getting married, groups & individuals raising much needed funds for our deserving charities. Light & Hope.

So, how should we face this new year's challenges & opportunities? Is your pot half full or empty?

Got something you are really looking forward to?