To whom it concerns Madam, I didn't at all mind the other evening as we all waited patiently at the petrol station whilst you remained parked at Pump 1 as you did what appeared to be your weekly shop.

Even when your young daughter popped back in to get herself a bar of chocolate as a separate expedition, I thought it was unreasonable of the guy behind to even suggest you could have parked 5 yards away in the designated parking area.

As we'd all waited 15 - 20 minutes, what did another 2 or 3 make?

And the guy who gave me a long burst on his horn after I'd invited a motorist to right turn across me whilst we were stationary in a traffic queue therefore allowing the traffic behind him to flow on.

I didn't mind.

Have I forgotten supermarket etiquette?

I've heard them described as ditherers, dawdlers & dollopers.

They leave their trollies all over the shop, use them as battering rams, stand gazing into space.

What about those opinionated folk who always tell you what you should think, never mind tell you what they think!

Of course I've never annoyed anyone!

I've never been absent mindedly selfish when driving, shopping, going about my daily life.

My wife's never admonished me for putting my washing near the washing basket, not actually in it.

I always put the top on the toothpaste tube, put the cereal's box back in the right cupboard. Need I continue? We are all perfect, aren't we!

What do you do that you know annoys others? What annoys you about the actions of others?

Or should we all be a little bit more thoughtful & considerate, a liytle bit more patient & tolerant?