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Posted at 2:06pm Monday 3rd March 2014

Beware the pitfalls of internet interest

CHILDREN are constantly being educated on the dangers of the internet, from online grooming to cyber bullying.

Posted at 5:11pm Tuesday 14th January 2014

Blog: When the bear comes to stay

ANYONE dread that moment, when your child walks through the front door with Bobby Bear or Derrick the Dinosaur?

Posted at 4:31pm Tuesday 15th January 2013

Blog: Dogs and pubs

ON a recent walk I found myself Googling ‘Pubs for Dogs'.

Posted at 2:42pm Thursday 3rd January 2013

Blog: Children should be protected from online porn

ON a recent train journey, I heard a group of teenage boys (no older than thirteen) laughing uncontrollably.

Posted at 2:33pm Friday 19th October 2012

Blog: Fuel prices are a joke

THAT was the letter I received from n-power yesterday.

Posted at 4:13pm Wednesday 1st August 2012

Blog: 'Happy gas' was an eye-opener

I WENT to a hen party to Magaluf recently.

Posted at 2:29pm Wednesday 1st August 2012

Blog: Summer childcare

THE summer holidays are here and for the children the fun starts now...but not for the majority of parents who are struggling to find childcare for six weeks!

Posted at 10:02am Thursday 19th July 2012

Blog: Where's Blackburn's nightlife?

LAST week I popped into the pub in Blackburn after work with a few colleagues.

Posted at 1:35pm Thursday 12th July 2012

Blog: Children out of wedlock

IN TIMBUKTU a man and a woman get 100 lashes if they conceive a child out of wedlock.

Posted at 4:53pm Thursday 5th July 2012

Blog: Death makes money

MY mum announced that she and my dad had paid for and finalised their funeral arrangements and picked out their coffins.

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