There is some money to be had out of necessity. The problem is there is a fine line between necessity and greed.

Take, for example, the hospital car park.

This place should always be free or if there is a charge it should be no more than 50pence.

Yes, I have set the price myself after some research.

The other day I went to the hospital to visit someone and the very idea of paying £1.80 to park for three hours annoyed the hell out of.

Visiting is restricted to two hours.

When you go to visit anyone you hardly stay for longer than one hour. So, just cut us some slack.

Having gone to visit my friend, I was told he was paying £6 a day to watch some free TV.

Hey, this is not proper Sky Sports HD TV but the run-of-the-mill stuff we all get anywhere.

Having had a good moan about how expensive watching TV was, I headed off to buy myself a sandwich from the tuck shop.

From then on the rest of the day was filled with points and references where ‘necessity’ is making me a little nuts.

Petrol prices, crazy insurance prices, the fact I have to pay 30 pence to park for 10 minutes while I go to the bank is something we all live with.

Whoever invented the £22 charge for going over your overdraft limit needs to be commended, served some fine foods — and then lined up against a wall and shot.

And let’s be perfectly honest, I know it is designed to make you spend more time with your kids . . . but am I the only one who thinks we end up doing more of the ‘creative’ homework than the kids do?

The new school term means I will be running around on a Thursday night looking for something red to stick on something blue!

I don’t smoke anymore but if you are paying 40 pence for one cigarette – just that very thought should make you quit right now.