WHAT is the matter with the people in charge of the ‘Get them back to work’ scheme?

The young people sent to work for Tesco, or wherever, say it’s not fair that they are working for nothing, which of course is not true — they are working for the money we give them in benefits.

But it would probably make them feel better if, at the end of the week, they got their benefits in a wage packet, then they would realise the reality of the situation.

The firms that are giving them a chance of work experience are not, as some folk seem to think, getting cheap labour, for these young, inexperienced people need supervising and training, which is not the easiest of tasks when you are dealing with people who are not used to the disciplines, routines and confines of the work place.

I do hope the scheme is a success, as long term unemployment has the danger of becoming a way of life and that is soul destroying.

I have often thought that the Government could open some workshops, producing something simple, where both young men and women could get training in the complete manufacturing procedure to encourage them to start up small businesses, making things.

Once, we as a nation were massive manufacturers and maybe these youngsters would start an industrial renaissance.

Ah well, I can have my little dream, can’t I?

Bill is home and improving with each shining hour and we have had lots of visitors, but why, oh why, do we wait until there is an illness or an emergency before we show people we care.

We should not take things and life so much for granted, but look at the people we hold close and be glad.

Chatting to a lady, while waiting at the hospital, she said to me ‘I find the trouble as you get older is you suffer from metal fatigue’.

I said ‘I think you’ve got that wrong, don’t you mean mental fatigue’.

She replied ‘No, I mean you get silver in your hair, gold in your teeth and lead in your feet’!