SURPRISE, surprise. It seems, by chance, they have found oil in the Falklands.

Now we know why, suddenly, there has been all this renewed interest in the islands.

We must just hope that there is not going to be another battle; but if there is to be a dispute, let’s talk about it.

Fighting over territory is not the answer, and fighting over disputed territory is not only expensive in money but also in life and limb.

Has the King Street road plan been a success?

No, I don’t think it has, and furthermore, it has put a blight on the top end of the street that has been closed to incoming traffic.

Whatever became of the much vaunted King Street regeneration scheme?

Has it lost out to yet another of the road planners’ ideas?

They really will have to get their heads around the fact that if folk can’t get there by car, they aren’t going.

I certainly think it would be wasting money to continue spending huge amounts with the ring road extensions through St Peter’s graveyard and the old police building, as I can’t see it would make a great deal of difference.

It might be wiser to just upgrade the roads that are being used at present.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to have three months in India and Pakistan with a BBC camera crew.

We were filming what was described as my ‘Grown up Posh Gap Year’.

Needless to say it was fun and what an experience.

Last Friday, Sara and Blue, the producer/camera crew from that three months, came over and we had a great time reminiscing.

They had both just spent two years in Afghanistan making a documentary with the troops; quite a hazardous assignment I would think.

While in the supermarket car park, emptying my shopping trolley into the car, I called to a gent passing by ‘would you like to take my trolley?’ He said ‘Thanks, but no, as I’m only after one thing’.

I thought, ‘Yes, some things never change!’