‘Police seize £50k of drugs in Ramsbottom’ (LT, February 25), is a perfect example of why cannabis being illegal makes it a far worse problem than it needs to be.

These people are clearly criminals, only interested in profit.

They sell unsafe cannabis to kids, when cannabis doesn’t need to be unsafe and it doesn't need to be sold to kids.

Cannabis shouldn’t be lumped in with hard drugs, either, but always will be when it is illegal.

It makes cannabis a gateway drug and also makes hardcore criminals incredibly rich.

Cannabis is remarkably safe.

Its users live on average longer than non-users. It has a massive range of proven medical benefits.

By contrast, the negative effects of alcohol are plain to see, from fights to tramps to hospitals.

What’s more, it costs us a fortune to stop people who aren’t actually harming anyone. I’d rather see our police resources go on stopping hardcore criminals dealing hardcore drugs.

That's where our police should be spending their time – letting those scum know that we know what’s wrong in society and they are going to feel the weight of authority on them accordingly.

Every moment spent stopping pot-heads is letting rapists or hardcore criminals carry on.

Jack Herer, (via email).