I AM writing to you in the hope that readers in the Pendle area will contact their local MP Gordon Prentice and urge him to sign EDM 92.

As you may be aware, a recent survey of medical doctors showed that 83 per cent would support an independent inquiry into the scientific merit of animal testing.

In addition, many scientists have spoken out about the over use of animal tests and the dangers to patients of relying on data from other species, which is frequently misleading.

Established medical groups, including the House of Lords select committee on animals in scientific procedures, the British Medical Journal and the Nuffield committee on bioethics, have requested an independent inquiry. Over 200 MPs from all parties have signed Early Day Motion 92 calling for this inquiry, making this one of the best supported motions.

An inquiry could lead to valuable findings, safer medicine, and a reduction in the estimated 15,000 deaths caused each year in the UK by unforseen reactions to dangerous drugs that passed animal tests. Please contact Gordon and ask him to sign EDM92 - Animal Testing of Drugs.

You can do this online at http://www.writetothem.com or by post at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

STEVEN McLEAN, Prune Park Lane, Allerton, Bradford.