All public sector services are being cut. The NHS is going through another reform and so are the police – the frontline staffing in both professions is truly shocking and in the NHS lives are at risk.

As for the police, they spend their time looking for high-risk missing people who do it all the time, everyday drunken domestics and Facebook/ phone threats, abuse etc.

Police are forever escorting drunk/drug influenced people to A&E who have been arrested and are abusive and violent, then as soon as they’ve passed them on to nurses they leave them. Within 20 minutes the offenders turn on staff and the police are called back.

The solution to this problem is clear: get more security and pay them proper wages and give them the power to physically restrain and remove abusive patients.

I once had a patient hit me and security stood there saying ‘we can’t touch them because we can get sacked.’ Seriously!

I wonder if the police based in A&E will work after 4pm when the real problems start.

Cut the bull (via website).