Don't you just love irony? I have dug out an 1988 Lancashire Evening Telegraph book entitled ‘Blackburn Since 1900’ written by Simon John and will share an extract from it with you: The big event of the 1930s was the abdication, and the coronation of King George VI, and Blackburn folk held street parties to celebrate.

The Blackburn Trustee Savings Bank promised to give a bank book credited with 10s to all chidren in the area born at the time of coronation.

There was controversy, though, over the Blackburn Education Committee’s gift to pupils. The plan to give children souvenir mugs was attacked by one councillor on the grounds of refinement.

He suggested that they got a cup and saucer each instead, so they would not learn the habit of drinking out of pint pots!

The history of councillors bickering over Royal souvenir cups has been going on for over 75 years.

Peter Hollings, Darwen.