In 2007, Chris Grayling said in Parliament: ‘Let me assure Remploy and its employees that the next Conservative Government will continue the process of identifying additional potential procurement opportunities for them and the public sector workforce.’ Chris Grayling is now a Minister of State in the Department for Work and pensions.

With masses of able-bodied and skilled young people suffering from lack of job opportunities, I find it incredible that the government should wish to take this sort of action (36 sites to close – LT, March 8) targeting the most vulnerable in society.

I had the honour being invited to the Bank Top Remploy factory in Blackburn back in the 1990s and have attended courses at college with its employees.

Their sense of pride in overcoming their disability and contributing to society was actually quite humbling for me.

As Remploy employ around 1,500 workers at an annual cost to the government of £68m, please tell me how it makes economical sense to pay them benefits each year when it costs only £4,000 each to keep them in employment ?

Peter Hollings, Matlock Street, Darwen.