FOLLOWING the latest animal welfare protests against duck and pheasant shooting, the Hoghton Tower Preservation Trust stated it had "nothing to do" with the Hoghton Tower shoot.

Why then are the Trust not telling Sir Bernard de Hoghton that by allowing bloodsports at Hoghton Tower he is not only damaging the de Hoghton family name but Hoghton Tower's reputation as a family attraction?

In just over a month, 2,000 ducks will be terrified into flying and then blasted from the sky at Hoghton Tower in the name of sport.' They should be protecting wildlife at Hoghton Tower for the benefit of all local people and their children, not allowing it to be slaughtered to satisfy the bloodlust of shooters.

G METCALFE, North West League Against Cruel Sports, PO Box 359, Chorley.