I AM learning to play the tenor jazz saxophone – I am 64 and live on the Fylde Coast but I taught at Witton Park High School, Blackburn, for seven years. My sax teacher said I should buy ‘The Real Book’.

When I went online I found that Reidys stocked the book so I came to Blackburn the other day for my first visit in over eight years.

On entering the multi-storey car park I was expecting a chit: instead, I got a yellow disc. I then proceeded to find a parking place, going the wrong way and blocking two cars who were exiting. They graciously let me past.

I found a place and went to the basement, saw a machine and put money in to purchase what I thought was a ticket, realising I had not complied with protocol.

A lady came and said I should go to car park management. I called at Greenwoods outfitters to ask for advice and they sent me to an ‘ask desk’. I explained my predicament, she was very polite and phoned someone. She then gave me directions.

I asked two security gentlemen where said office was. They gave me clear directions. I approached the car park management gentleman who solved my problem without any equivocation.

I then went to Reidys, purchased my requisites, had a good look round the town and came home.

Even though we are in a grave recession, the town looked clean and well looked after. The new market encapsulated the traditional with the new. The people were polite and extremely helpful. The town had an upbeat feel to it and people looked genuinely happy.

After a somewhat traumatic beginning, the day turned out to be an unexpected pleasure.

Thanks to the people of Blackburn.

Paul Heaton (via email).