A COUNCILLOR has criticised highways chiefs after a 30mph speed limit was advertised on a tiny cobbled lane.

Great Harwood borough councillor Lynn Wilson is representing residents who are fed up with Clinkham Road being used as a rat run by speeding motorists and HGVs.

Coun Wilson has been calling for the stretch to be closed off, warning signs erected and for a reduced speed limit to be inposed which is more appropriate to its size.

However she says highways chiefs so far have turned her down due to cost concerns.

Coun Wilson said she was astonished to see that Lancashire County Council had spent cash advertising a 30mph speed limit with a newly erected sign.

The route, which is favoured by sat navs as a short cut between Edge End Road and Blackburn Old Road, has caused a number of problems for residents.

Even small cars struggle to navigate past each other and have to use farmers’ gates to allow oncoming traffic to pass.

HGVs and double decker buses have frequently become stuck in the lane after following internet and sat nav directions.

Coun Wilson, who lives in Edge End Road, said: “It is really just a footpath but attracts droves of sat nav users who are expecting to get to the destination faster than it is possible to go on this lane.

“There have been lots of complaints about damaged garden walls, pots and steps because the road just isn’t suitable.

“Ideally it would form part of the new 20mph limits being brought in. I would also want to see the road closed at one end as it is unsuitable as a throughfare.”

Oliver Starkey, the council’s highways manager for Hyndburn, said: “We're aware of the concerns raised by the local councillor over Clinkham Road and are looking into the situation at the moment.

“The 30mph sign has been put up to signal the end of the 20mph area on the adjoining estate and the sign is a requirement of the change of speed limit”.