A VOLUNTEER who found a missing Edenfield man has said he ‘just wanted to hand him over alive‘.

Craig Robertson, 44, from Fecit Lane, Ramsbottom, spotted Alzheimer’s sufferer Stephen Iggulden by Naden Reservoir, near Rochdale on Monday afternoon.

Mr Iggulden, 65, had been missing for nearly 24 hours after going for a walk on Sunday evening.

Craig owns the Ride On bike shop on Bacup Road in Rawtenstall and his expert knowledge of the area was crucial.

He said: “I’ve got huge experience getting round this area having navigated the Valley all my life on bikes.

“I would have felt like a bit of a plonker if I hadn’t found him and then he was discovered two weeks later.

“When I found Stephen he was at the bottom of a very steep hillside, in a really bad way. I found him alive and I just wanted to hand him over to paramedics alive.”

Craig used his own clothes to keep Mr Iggulden warm and kept him awake for 40 minutes until help arrived.

He added: “He’ll probably remember me as that mithering bloke who wouldn’t shut up but I was just glad to help.”