A GROUP of dog lovers marched through the streets to protest against proposed dog control orders.

Dozens of dog walkers from the Ribble Valley walked with their dogs on leads to council offices in Clitheroe to hand over a petition.

The petition, signed by more than 2,000 people, urges council bosses to scrap plans to make it compulsory to keep dogs on a lead in all council owned green spaces.

If approved, dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets will be punished for the actions.

Penny Pitty, who helped set up the petition, said: “We are still pushing for people to respond to the consultation.

“This petition has focused on one particular aspect of the consultation to reconsider the proposal to not allow dogs off lead on any council land in the whole of the borough.

“We want to ensure that dogs will continue to have access to public land where they are able to be off lead so they can exercise and keep fit.

“Around 40 people, along with their dogs, attended the march outside the council offices.

“Council leader Ken Hind came out with his dog Jasper and he took our petition letters inside and talked to other dog walkers there.

“I think we can feel very pleased with the support we have received.

“Our message is to keep it going.”

Cllr Ken Hind said: “My view is that there are some things in the orders that are good and some that I have found difficulty in supporting.

“It is good that we are requiring people to pick up dog mess and carry black bags to put them in.

“The main issue for people is that the proposed orders stop people running out in public areas, such as parks, in the Ribble Valley.

“The petition has been a high success and has got more than 2,000 representations in relation to this matter.

“They have engaged with us about what they really think in signing both the petition and consultation.”

To take part in the consultation visit www.ribblevalley.gov.uk.