A DERELICT pub will finally be demolished following the owner's seven year struggle with a council.

Since it closed in 2010, more than 10 planning applications have been made to knock down the Moorcock Inn, Waddington.

In those seven years the site was subjected to various crimes, hit by fire and even used as an 'unofficial location' for the filming of an unofficial porn film.

Plans to demolish the Slaidburn Road pub were finally given the go ahead at a recent Planning and Development meeting.

The disused pub will be knocked down and four houses built in its place within the next three months.

The applicant Mr Thornber said: "It's a big relief. How else can I feel?

"It has been a long hard struggle but we've got there in the end.

"In the last seven years all of my applications were put forward for refusal because the council was frightened of setting a precedent.

"That precedent being everyone else goes and builds out of town pubs and converts them into a building site.

"That's over now and I believe the contractor is coming on site this Friday."

Ribble Valley Council's deputy leader Paul Elms, who represents Waddington, said: "The Moorcock Inn is the thing I get the most complaints about in my constituency.

"I have never heard anybody say that have a reason to retain it.

"It's not an architectural structure, it's just an eye sore and a horrible building.

"The site is located on one of the busiest tourist routes in the Ribble Valley and people have had to face that monstrosity when they drive through it.

"We will finally see the back of the building and I'm very pleased that is going.

"It's going to do nothing but good to encourage visitors and tourists to the area."

Cllr Bridget Hilton, who also represents Waddington, said: "I drive pass it every week and when we do it's not nice to look at.

"It has been an eye sore for five to six years and I'm pleased that something is finally being done about it."