PLANS to install more than 350 solar panels on the roof of a secondary school have been approved.

Bowland County High School, in Sawley Road, Clitheroe, made an application to Ribble Valley Council to place 371 solar panels on the roof.

The solar modules are 270W in power and will be positioned at least one metre from all edges of the rooftops.

Solar energy equipment supplier Green Energy International Ltd acted as the agent on behalf of the school.

Chief executive of Green Energy International Ltd, Arthur Bell, said: “The use of solar panels will be a considerable financial saving for Bowland County High School and enhances its green potential.”

“The school will need to make reduced payments for their use which is for the benefit of everyone else.

“The roof is made of of 371 solar panels which is a relatively small rooftop system.

“The Jaguar-Land Rover plant in Coventry, for example, is likely to contain 70 times as more megawatt power than these solar panels will.

“The installation is going to be completed very quickly, potentially in the next few weeks.

“Solar power is an essential player in the energy market in the area and one of the most critical in the United Kingdom.

“The Ribble Valley area is probably quite a bit behind compared to everyone else.

“The UK are 30 years behind Germany when it comes to usage of renewable energy.

“We will chat to Ribble Valley Borough Council about this and see if we can get solar panels installed in more schools.”

Ribble Valley Council’s deputy leader Paul Elms, who represents the Waddington and West Bradford ward, said: “I personally think solar panels are good energy sources and will be of huge benefit to the school.

“I know some people do not like the look of solar panels but it’s a matter of personal taste.

“People have different views, but I think solar energy is a good solution.”

No one from Bowland High School was available to comment on the application.