BUSINESSES and politicians are furious about the lack of fast broadband in an East Lancashire borough.

Superfast broadband was rolled out to more rural locations across households in the Ribble Valley to connect communities and boost business back in 2014.

The scheme delivered more than 500 fibre broadband street cabinets across the county as part of a technology revolution.

Ribble Valley cllr Ged Mirfin said broadband speed is non-existent in the borough and the service speed in rural locations of the Ribble Valley is very slow.

He said: “It has been a forgotten element of infrastructure.

“While the government continue to build houses they do not necessarily think there is an issue on the telecommunications side and to say that some of the telegraphs are ancient is a huge understatement.

“Telegraph poles in Brockhall and Dinckley haven’t been upgraded since the time of the Attlee administration.

“It’s why business are not setting up in terms of volume we would like them to.

“I think an assessment of broadband speed across the valley to see whether the service people are getting is adequate or effective.”

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans said: “In rural locations it is important for all households that they get faster speeds.

“I think increasingly that business are relying on the internet but the speed is so slow.

“Households also use the internet for shopping and entertainment.

"BT need to get their finger out and if they don’t then the government needs too.”

Linden Hacking, manager of Hacking Caravan Park in Clitheroe, said: “We have been having conversations with BT for a couple of years.

“We even wrote to the chairman and have had no response.

“We know the problems of connection speed and they do not seem to have done anything. We have spent £5,000 a year for seven years on a direct line.

“I imagine all residents in the Ribble Valley are hit but it is as important for businesses.”

A spokesman for BT Broadband said: “Five years ago, only 17 per cent of people in the Ribble Valley could access broadband speeds of more than 30Mbps.

“Now, more than 86 per cent of people can access those speeds.

“Overall, more than 97 per cent of homes and businesses in the valley can access fibre broadband.”