CLITHEROE-based super sleuth Rebecca Jane returned to the Big Brother house for one final squabble.

The founder of international private investigation company,The Lady Detective Agency, was evicted from the house last week, but made a not so shocking re-entry after show runners teased her appearance via social media.

The 32-year-old burst back onto the Channel 5 show during the wedding between Kieran Lee, who she entered the house with, and housemate Deborah Abgoola.

She said:”It was absolute carnage. I was dressed like I was going to a funeral.

“I told everyone what I thought of them. I absolutely laid into Hannah.

“The whole thing was vicious, and of course it ended with me and Chanelle kicking off.

“There’s no reasoning with these people, some of them have the IQ of a three-year-old, in fact my four year old is smarter.

However, she was quick to clarify, she had no issue with housemate Kieran.

She said: “Kieran is absolutely my winner. It was really sad seeing him because I could tell the house had got to him. I tried to reassure him, let him know everyone was ok on the outside but he’s ready to come home.”

Ms Jane and Mr Lee have a past, he works for her agency and the two also shared a brief romance.