FORMER pupils from a high school will get together today for their 35th anniversary reunion.

Ribblesdale High School's Class of 1982 have been reunited by Barbara-Ann Currie, who now lives and works in Dubai.

The reunion, the first for 25 years, will start with several ambassadors of the year group taking a tour round their former school.

They will then move onto Holmes Mill to meet with the rest before the group of over 50 people head on to Clitheroe Cricket Club.

Ms Currie said: “It all started with an initial few conversations with old friends and it’s culminated into a reunion where I hope we can all share ideas, pictures and stories.

“I only got involved because no one else put their hand up and in the end I’ve arranged pretty much everything apart from the food.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting all those old people I used to go to school with. I’m really surprised at some people who appeared to be quiet back then but have sounded really up for it. Although I was rather quiet and I’ve ended up sorting it.”

The school are holding an event to celebrate their 85 year anniversary on the 23rd September, inviting all past pupils, staff and associates.