AN ELDERLY man who has been given just months to live has fulfilled his lifelong ambition to publish a book he wrote 20 years ago.

Robin Parker was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer two months ago.

The author, of St Chad's Avenue, Chatburn, said he wanted to leave a legacy behind and it was his lifelong dream to publish his own book before he died.

Written in verse, Robin Parker retells the Gospel story from Jesus' humble birth to his crucifixion and resurrection.

Mr Parker said: "I was a pious child. When the Second World War was on I was convinced that God was on our side and I was proved right with the D-Day celebrations in 1945."

The 80-year-old remained devoted to Christianity for the rest of his life and almost started a career in the Church.

Mr Parker said he didn't become a vicar because his mum would not allow it, and instead he worked as a supply teacher after travelling around the world. in Europe, South America, Africa and Australasia are among the places he has visited.

Mr Parker now describes himself as an old man in need of care and said that was what has inspired him to write his book.

He said: "Now, at last, with the care of my son Raphael, my daughter Rachael and my daughter-in-law Sharon I can publish a book not about my life, but someone else's life, which is more important."

The author has ordered 1,000 copies of the book to give to his closest friends and family as well as local schoolchildren.

The independently published 'Robin Parker: Once Upon a Time, A Time 200 Years Ago' will be available to buy from Amazon on July 21.