Labour have tightened their grip on Hyndburn with five gains in the local elections. With three seats also held by Labour, leaders cheered in result after result.

Conservatives sank further into the minority with just two seats held.

Long standing councillors and former cabinet members Lynn Wilson in Netherton and Allah Dad in Central were among those Tories who lost their seats.

Independent and former mayor Malcolm Pritchard in Church was another swept away by Labour's success.

  • ALTHAM Chris Fisher (Lab): 733 John Hodgkiss (Ind): 196 Marion Raynor (Con): 251 Lab gain Turnout: 29.2%
  • BARNFIELD Tony Dobson (Con)*: 770 Richard Kelly (Lib Dem): 24 Joyce Plumber (Lab): 609 Con hold Turnout: 41%
  • BAXENDEN David Hartley (Lab): 401 Terry Hurn (Con)*: 726 Con hold Turnout 35.4%
  • CENTRAL Allah Dad (Con): 848 Abdul Ghafar Khan (Lab): 1163 Lab gain 53.27%
  • CHURCH Basharat Khan (Con): 325 Malcolm Pritchard (Ind): 141 Joan Smith (Lab)*: 710 Stephen Talbot (Lib Dem): 36 Lab hold Turnout: 35.67%
  • NETHERTON Noordad Aziz (Lab): 834 Lynn Wilson (Con)*: 444 Lab gain Turnout 39.33%
  • OVERTON Peter Clarke (Con)*: 387 Graham Davidson (UKIP): 224 John Duckworth (Ind): 317 Jamie Govier (Ind): 99 Kerry Molineux (Lab): 868 Lab gain Turnout 37.96%
  • PEEL Paul Brown (Ind):272 Wendy Dwyer (Lab)*: 570 Lab hold Turnout: 26.8%
  • RISHTON Harry Grayson (Lab)*: 1374 Warren Melia (Con): 553 Lab hold Turnout: 37.75% SPRING HILL Munsif Dad (Lab)*: 940 Kim Furness (Lib Dem): 50 Mohammed Younis (Con): 400 Kenneth Smith (Ind): 171 Lab hold Turnout: 43%
  • ST ANDREW'S Bill Pinder (Lab): 543 Brian Walmsley (Con)*: 489 Lab gain Turnout: 35.67%
  • ST OSWALD'S Stewart Thurston Eaves (Lab): 606 Marlene Haworth (Con)*: 692 Paul Thompson (UKIP): 406 Con hold Turnout 33.4%

PRE-ELECTION BACKGROUND: In Hyndburn, the situation is on a knife-edge, with just one seat separating the ruling Labour group from the combined Tories and Independents’ influence.

Former mayor Malcolm Pritchard, as an Independent, is standing against Basharat Khan (Conservative), Labour’s Joan Smith and Stephen Talbot, for the Lib Dems.

Elsewhere deputy leader Coun Munsif Dad is facing a four-way fight in Springhill, as is former deputy leader Coun Peter Clarke at Overton.

Hyndburn candidates

  • ALTHAM Chris Fisher (Lab) John Hodgkiss (Ind) Marion Raynor (Con)
  • BARNFIELD Tony Dobson (Con)* Richard Kelly (Lib Dem) Joyce Plumber (Lab)
  • BAXENDEN David Hartley (Lab) Terry Hurn (Con)*
  • CENTRAL Allah Dad (Con) Abdul Ghafar Khan (Lab)
  • CHURCH Basharat Khan (Con) Malcolm Pritchard (Ind) Joan Smith (Lab)* Stephen Talbot (Lib Dem)
  • NETHERTON Noordad Aziz (Lab) Lynn Wilson (Con)*
  • OVERTON Peter Clarke (Con)* Graham Davidson (UKIP) John Duckworth (Ind) Jamie Govier (Ind) Kerry Molineux (Lab)
  • PEEL Paul Brown (Ind) Wendy Dwyer (Lab)*
  • RISHTON Harry Grayson (Lab)* Warren Melia (Con)
  • SPRING HILL Munsif Dad (Lab)* Kim Furness (Lib Dem) Mohammed Younis (Con) Kenneth Smith (Ind)
  • ST ANDREW'S Bill Pinder (Lab) Brian Walmsley (Con)*
  • ST OSWALD'S Stewart Thurston Eaves (Lab) Marlene Haworth (Con)* Paul Thompson (UKIP)

*Asterisk indicates current incumbent.