WORK costing £720,000 is set to take place to help combat the impact of school vandals and thieves.

Repeated after-hours attacks have plagued Heasandford Primary School, in Burnley, over the past few years.

But now, to prevent further trouble, the existing slate roof is set to be replaced with a metal covering, at the Williams Road school, at a cost of £500,000.

Further work, costing £220,000, will also take place to install new slates and replace lead at Colne’s Park Primary School, which has also been a target for vandals in the past.

The projects are among the largest in a new £6.56million schools investment programme supported by Lancashire County Council.

Elsewhere, Burnley’s Brunshaw Primary looks set to receive £171,000 for replacement windows, and Trawden Forest Primary can expect almost £15,000 to fund repairs to wrought-iron railings and fire escape stairs.

Another £214,000 has been allocated for a replacement roof and related repairs at Peel Park Primary, in Accrington.

And £165,800 will be spent on reslating a roof at Pendle Primary School. in Clitheroe.

Mike Hart, county council resources director, said: “Repairs to school buildings have wide-ranging benefits to staff and pupils, as well as to mums, dads and ever-yone else who uses schools.

“This latest round of work, which is being considered by cabinet members next week, will see nearly a hundred schools have their windows and roofs fixed, or replaced, and improvements to heating and lighting.”