AN EAST Lancashire woman who was found guilty of assaulting a grandmother has been named in a leaflet campaign.

Sophie Pollard, 23, of Fence, was convicted of attacking Ann Knowles-Foster in a trial at Reedley Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Following the conviction leaflets carrying a photo of Pollard and stating that she was ‘Guilty!!!’ were anonymously posted through the doors of businesses in Clitheroe.

The leaflet states that Pollard works ‘for a well-known hairdressers’ in the Ribble Valley town.

The leaflet said Pollard was: “Found guilty of assaulting Patricia Ann Knowles-Foster, a 66-year-old grandmother of four by spitting in her face and kicking her in the groin.”

And as well as outlining the consequences of the conviction, the leaflet also gave an address for Pollard.

Det Sgt Nigel Watson said: “Clitheroe police have been made aware of a number of flyers that have been distributed to a number of businesses, but we are not mounting an investigation at this stage.”

The offence occurred at a house in Langroyd Road, Colne, on December 28 last year.

Police said Pollard had been a tenant at a property owned by Mrs Knowles-Foster. An argument broke out when Mrs Knowles-Foster visited to collect the keys as Pollard was vacating the property, police said.

Pollard was found guilty and ordered to pay £300 in court costs.

She was told to pay £100 compensation. She has also been made subject of a curfew and she will have to wear an electronic tag for 30 days until October 5.

Mrs Knowles-Foster was unavailable for comment.