CAMPAIGNING parents from East Lancashire have welcomed a change in the law in memory of their murdered daughter.

Jane Clough, 26, was repeatedly stabbed by her paramedic ex-partner Jonathan Vass, who was on bail awaiting trial for raping her.

But since the July 2010 outrage, her parents John and Penny Clough have lobbied tirelessly on behalf of ‘Justice for Jane’.

The Cloughs, who live in Higherford, have insisted that Crown Prosecution Service lawyers should have the right to appeal against bail being granted by crown court judges, a move not previously open to them.

Vass was bailed by Judge Simon Newell in December 2009 - though the judiciary has since claimed no evidence was presented at the hearings of a direct threat to Jane.

Later he lay in wait for Jane as she arrived for work at Blackpool’s Victoria Hospital, knifing her at least 70 times. He is now serving a life sentence.

Mr Clough said: “We are just amazed that it has gone through and we are extremely pleased it has happened.

“This means that Jane can carry on helping people in death, as she did in life. It is a landmark and should benefit many people.”

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson has also been a key supporter of the bail amendment law, which has now received Royal Assent. It will be on the statute books from this autumn.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said: “Victims of crime deserve peace of mind that they will not be under threat from defendants on bail.

“But we are now adding an extra safeguard. We are giving prosecutors the right to challenge crown court bail decisions when they fear a potentially dangerous defendant may be being bailed.”